The warm, full-bodied and vibrant sound of the Xpression XP15 lays the perfect foundation for an overwhelming fretless bass. We are proud to present an instrument that produces rich complex tones, and features superb response without the aid of electronic circuitry.
This bass is very responsive to hand position. Whether you go for a mellow and full sound towards the neck or you prefer a more straight ahead, twangy sound with lots of growl close to the bridge, it’s all in there. Common to all voices, the Xpression XP15 fretless offers a beautiful, singing sustain and a well-rounded, organic tone.
For leveling the output to a second (active) bass or avoiding signal loss due to long cable routings on stage, the XP15 fretless comes with a linear-preamp which can be activated if needed. 24 short fret lines on the fingerboard´s edge to the lowest string make it incredibly easy to navigate on the fretboard. This bass reflects every nuance of your musical expression with grace.