Being the newcomer in the Clover lineup, the Avenger is the result of over 20 years of experience. Our ambition, in creating this instrument, was to build a bass with an incomparable strength of character (and tone), that would also be known as “a paragon of tautness". Needless to say, this bass comes with all the signature Clover virtues including meticulous craftsmanship, carefully selected tone woods and perfect handling.
The Avenger’s unique tonal concept provides a direct “in your face” sound with ultra fast attack, lots of colourful overtones, plenty of twang, and rich sustain. A set of as many as three custom made pickups tap out the Avenger´s tonal capabilities and convert this bass into a versatile tone monster. Strong sub-lows included.
This bad boy provides striking and forward sounds you may have never heard before – offering exceptional sonic performance without sacrificing the first-rate ergonomics and playability you expect in a Clover.