When authenticity counts, the Apeiron is your thing. The H-Edition offers a unique and wide range of traditional tones, making it above comparison. It comes with a vintage-approved red alder body for powerful punch, and a comfortable and smooth maple neck with rosewood fingerboard – further enhancing and fine tuning the midrange response.
The Apeiron H-Edition fully integrates the unique concept of the "TheHybrid" pickup system controlled by a Clover custom circuit, which lets you get authentic sounds with all its strengths and nuances of character. From growly Sixties vibes to more modern, brighter and beefier sounds – there are no compromises, no tonal melting pots, no sounds you've heard a thousand times before. This bass delivers the real thing.
Built with careful attention to detail. The look and feel is instantly familiar to anyone who is a fan of the traditional aesthetic. No exceptions. Take a long and serious look at it. Apeiron – a modern performer in a classic garment.

Look colourchart for available colours.